Saturday, September 20, 2008

Paranormal Symposium Struck By Lightning!

On Friday, after a day of exciting papers on vampire romance, the Japanese Studies Centre was indeed struck by lightning while most of us were enjoying wine and cheese and a variety of Lindt balls. Who could make that up?

I'm just back from the Saturday sessions and am tired, weary (because it requires reiteration), but oddly, very upbeat about doing more vampire research, which is the ultimate sign of a successful symposium, I think. Seriously, we had many interesting papers looking at everything from vampire deviancy to vampire child-raising. This is a new area - relatively - in terms of scholarly work, but there's already really lively, entertaining debate. We hope to have most of the papers available as podcasts. Keep your eyes open.


Xena said...

Of course we can't forget that that 'variety' of lindt balls included raspberry. Seriously, Lindt should just make boxes of just raspberry - forget the rest! Raspberry.... *drools*

Doc-in-Boots said...

Well, who said, Xena, that we don't cater these events with extreme thoughtfulness towards the chocolate-addicted?

I won't mention the pink ball that I snuck home...