Tuesday, October 14, 2008

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...Neil Gaiman's latest journal entry. Either from this entry or from You Tube itself, you can access the HarperCollins trailer for The Graveyard Book. Trailers for books? Not that unusual these days. In fact, let me know if you find a particularly wonderful trailer. Cross-media promotion of books is intriguing, since books are, of course, one of the older forms of media. More research is needed into how books are branching out, so to speak, into new media.

While at You Tube, I found the film trailer for Inkheart. Inkheart is a wonderful book by Cornelia Funke (and doesn't she just sound like a children's author?). It is a book for lovers of books, written originally in German (the second book, Inkspell, is Inkblood in German). I wrote about it in an essay that has been published pretty recently in Haunting the Borders. The film comes out next year, I think, and stars Brendan Fraser, which is fitting, because Cornelia Funke was thinking of his voice when she wrote the character, Mo. And that's not the only reason I like the book.

Back to Neil Gaiman's journal, one of his readers pointed out the list of top 100 books in The Sydney Morning Herald. American Gods appears! I'm still very amused that Harry Potter tops the list, followed - relentlessly - by Twilight. Followed by - inevitably - Pride and Prejudice. A special cheer for The Book Thief at seven, though! I thoroughly recommend Zusak's book (particularly if you plan to take Children's Lit. with me). It's... amazing. I can not say more. Although, I have. In Script & Print (31,2 if you're interested).

Neil Gaiman also draws attention to a recent incident involving a reader of manga. I won't go into detail here, because I'm not up to speed on the facts, but the implications appear to be worrying. Very worrying.

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