Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Very brief cover story

A blog, called Bookninja (got to love that title), challenged readers to redesign the covers of the classics. The results are in. Seriously, I can't pick a favourite.

Question is, do you think the cover effects your reading experience?

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Xena said...

I think a cover is highly unlikely to effect my response all by itself, although it might affect it. (Sorry, gramminator hat firmly in place as always. ;)) Covers certainly affect whether I'll buy a book, but I think they also affect the way I think about it, although I'm having some trouble articulating exactly how. I'm much less likely to re-read books with pink or otherwise wishy-washy covers, and probably if I think the cover doesn't match the book then i will never feel completely at home with it and not enjoy reading it quite as much. I'm blathering.