Saturday, October 18, 2008

Words: Out of Obscurity

New words are always interesting. I often think I should collect all the new words invented in seminars by myself and students. We'd easily have a dictionary-worth. Although, I've been trying for ages to have 'stuff' accepted as a theoretical concept, too...

But this just makes me happy. The Yarn Harlot is queen of knitting bloggers. She is seriously wonderful. And she invented 'Kinnearing'. You can see her invent it here. You can see The New York Times validate it here. And then you can see Greg Kinnear talking about Kinnearing here. Oh the joys of the internet!

In other news (okay, yes, originating from Neil Gaiman's journal again), in an interview with Neil Gaiman, Euan Kerr notes: "While posting his work for free viewing raises questions about potential copyright infringement, the author says the biggest problem facing authors is not piracy, but obscurity."

I think that's one to jot down in one's memory. Often new writers are very obsessed about people stealing their ideas. They should be more obsessed about people reading their ideas to begin with.

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