Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cats and Authors

Since the title of this blog does reference cats, I couldn't not point you here, to a piece in the Guardian about authors and their cats. The author of the piece already caught my thought about Neil Gaiman. Before the dog came on board, there was much cat-talk on his journal. Meg Cabot is also given to cat-talk on her blog, as in the case of Henrietta's obsession with drinking out of bottle caps that can be read about here. Even non-cat authors like J.K. Rowling (well, you could guess that - Sirius and Lupin?), have cat stories. But there are other options to cats and dogs. Tim Rice (lyricists count) lists his interests: history of popular music, cricket, chickens. We know Beatrix Potter loved rabbits. Emily Gravett had pet rats (okay, her daughter did - I'm stretching).

Why do authors expose their personal relationships with their pets? Do their pets give some insight into their writing?


lorrikeet214 said...

Pets don't give you insight about your writing, but they are like children, and all a parent needs to begin talking endlessly about their offspring is a slight temptation. And really, when you're a writer, that door is there all the time, right?

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