Saturday, November 8, 2008

More Fantasy Knitting

A friend, currently doing her PhD while valiantly ploughing through loads of teaching, the other night brought up Eragon. I still haven't read it. But she did point out that there was a character I'd like in the form of Angela the Herbalist, primarily because she likes to knit with her own yarn. And today my friend pointed out that Christopher Paolini features here in the Yarn Harlot's blog, holding, what else, the famous sock in progress (perhaps not so 'what else' to those unfamiliar with the online knitterly universe). Perhaps I should get around to reading it.

Although, right now I'm reading The Graveyard Book, shortly to be followed by The House of Many Ways and Inkdeath. Yes, the teaching is over, the grading of papers is almost over, so I can breathe once more and catch up on the brilliant new releases. The good thing about my job? It is kind of research!

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