Monday, January 26, 2009

Free Books

Do free books, issued online, hurt sales and thus hurt not simply authors, but the entire publishing industry, or actually promote reading and consequently sales? Meg Cabot wrote briefly about ebook piracy in today's blog (and her weekend sounded suspiciously familiar... well, not exactly familiar, but familiar enough). She did point readers to Cory Doctorow's thoughts on the issue and I'd recommend following the link.

It's not only the music industry troubled by downloads. As technologies improve, ebooks will become more readily available and piracy issues will become more familiar. Of course, in the early days of book publishing, piracy was rampant, so perhaps we're just experiencing another history cycle. And if you wished to pursue this line of thought, there's a wonderful world of bibliography and book history to explore.

Incidentally, guess which book earned the Newbery Medal?

What a brilliant choice! You can read the author's reaction here.

It's also worth checking out the winner of the Caldecott Medal.

And, just to finish, imagine Pride and Prejudice this way. I actually really enjoy it!

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