Wednesday, January 14, 2009

In stitches

You will see the link to Coraline on the sidebar now. You can read it before seeing the film. I seriously recommend a visit to film's site, where they've been doing all manner of creative, handy-crafty things and you can also button your eyes. The music is likewise suitably creepy. I think I'll need to purchase the soundtrack.

You can also knit a Coraline sweater if you feel the inclination. This was created by an independent designer, Ysolda. She had a couple of copies signed by Neil Gaiman himself.

The links between needlework and storytelling preoccupy me. It is ingrained in the spirit of fairy tale. I would say more at this point, but my thinking is too undercooked for even a blog.

And then there are poetry mittens. There is a pattern available here if you are inclined to not only carry about your poems, but actually wear them also. Or, for a little fun, a very bad mitten joke. Admittedly, it's a bit too hot to be thinking this much about mittens.

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