Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What Did President Obama Read As A Child?

There have been many column and cyber inches devoted to discussion of what President Obama reads and has read. He is a very literate President, who lists authors such as Melville and Morrison as his favourites (according to a variety of sources). The New York Times posted one of my favourite photos of the President with a book. But, through all this, I keep wondering... what did he read as a child? That's what I'd really like to know.

I'm also a little curious as to what his daughters read. Although, that has been partly answered. At least, I so hope this is true. Yes, Harry Potter and the Twilight books. Admittedly, picturing the President of the United States reading Twilight is a little bewildering.

In the meantime, I've been watching the preview for the US version of Life On Mars. I'm not sure why we need a US version when the original UK version is so wonderful, but it reminded me of my theory that Sam Tyler is a male Sleeping Beauty. In the Perrault version, it is written: "it is very probable (though history mentions nothing of it) that the good Fairy, during so long a sleep, had given her very agreeable dreams." Sam may not concur that his experiences in the 70s are exactly agreeable (though I do like Gene Hunt), but I'd like to play a little more with the theory.

Perrault's version is incredibly detailed. The Princess even has a spaniel called Mopsey. This version also includes my favourite seven league boots. It's worth reading if you have a chance.

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