Monday, February 9, 2009

Odds and ends

I always find the most useful advice on how to get published comes from those who have been there (i.e. trying to get published), succeeded, but are open enough to be honest about the process. You want to find an agent? Check Meg Cabot's blog today. I thought this was a particularly good example of the process:

"So when I’d exhausted every agent in Jeff Herman’s guide who seemed decent (meaning, when they all eventually either said no or just never got back to me) on one manuscript, I went right back to the front of the guide (sometimes the next year’s edition), and started over sending out a new manuscript."

Also, a happy birthday to Neil Gaiman's blog! Yes, I know that those of you reading this blog regularly will be well aware I keep up with that blog. The eighth birthday blog post not only has a Milne-inspired name (kudos), but is a brilliantly insightful essay into the issues of locating a cup of chamomile tea.

Which reminds me that I want to locate a cup of coffee... and not the mound of paperwork that I still have to get through.

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