Friday, February 20, 2009

Warning! Children's books can kill!

Your copy of Beatrix Potter may be lethal if ingested.

This is something that swept through and horrified the Etsy and handmade community just a couple of months ago, but I honestly didn't even think it might effect second hand books. Because print before 1985 may contain small quantities of lead, sales of second hand children's books face the possibility of banning in the US. Apparently, the fear is that children may eat the books...

And as Daniel Kalder notes in The Guardian, children may not restrict themselves to children's books: "And on top of all that, the law is incoherent: what's to stop a child from being exposed to books for adults published prior to 1985? Why not ban them all?"

Fortunately, there is some sanity and most of the fears of the Etsy community were assauged. Let's hope it's the same for the second hand and library book community.

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