Friday, February 13, 2009

What happens when you win a literary award?

There's a wonderful video here where you can listen to sleepy authors being phoned up about their wins. Authors on the video (or, at least their voices) include Terry Pratchett, Beth Krommes and Neil Gaiman.

Remember how I mentioned writer's rooms in another post? Here's a video tour of Roald Dahl's hut.

Because I was reading Boing Boing this morning and I also noted this post from Cory Doctorow. One of the more exciting aspects of literary studies is having the chance to work with original manuscripts - to pour over annotations and pencil marks the author made. Some authors still have these manuscripts. Neil Gaiman famously writes in fountain pen in books. You can see some of his draft manuscript of American Gods online, in fact (at least, I think you can - I haven't checked yet). But with more authors working on notebooks, laptops, Macs and PCs, these working manuscripts in progress seem to be lost forever to future literary students. Not so. Software is now giving us chances to discover ever more interesting information about how manuscripts are authored. Even what the weather was like at the time of writing.

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