Friday, April 3, 2009

Celebrating being Geek

This was one of the funniest items I've read of late. To quote, "According to sources in the White House, President Barack Obama has been uncharacteristically distant and withdrawn ever since last month's two-hour series finale of Battlestar Galactica." But you have to read the whole - seriously.

One of the things I've noticed of late is that some people are slightly incredulous that an English Lit. academic will spend time online instead of reading books. This baffles me a little - beyond the fact that yes, I also read books. There is much material online that is worthy of discussion and analysis. Authors go online all the time. Readers are forever online. The online environment is a hive of activity that must be of interest to English Lit. academics. A general, somewhat vague analogy would be to the early days of print. All sorts of fascinating things were occurring as people experimented with what could be done with some ink and a printing press. I guess I'm simply amazed that more English Lit. academics don't spend as much time online.

Because they miss things like "Obama has reportedly brushed off key budgetary decisions, ignored his wife and children, and neglected his daily workouts, claiming that he no longer cares if he lets himself go "just like Lee did before the rescue on New Caprica."

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