Friday, August 28, 2009

Deadlines: things not only students have

We've been grading papers. This means we've heard students complaining about writing to deadlines (and word limits, but that's another story). Do you know the worst thing? When I finished my PhD, I thought, 'there, that's the last deadline I'll ever have to deal with in my academic career.'

But no. My diary is full of deadlines. The self-imposed ones sometimes seem the worst - I can only blame myself for how horrid they are. At least I can rant at the deadlines others set in the 'what were they thinking... don't they know I have better things to do' way. More and more deadlines crowd in...

So I found some satisfaction in Stephen Fry's latest mini-blog. He quotes Douglas Adams on deadlines. I may pin that quote to my office door.

Although, I will disagree on one point. I love to write. I just hate writing to a deadline.

I also hate trying to write conclusions that are messing up my deadline.

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