Sunday, October 18, 2009

Eating Max

I teach Where the Wild Things Are in Children's Literature and it's always great fun, even if I secretly like In The Night Kitchen better (big scary bakers). One of the wonderful things about Sendak is that he captures the thrill, both delightful and terrible, of being eaten, a theme that runs through nursery rhyme and fairy tale. Many have attempted to account for this theme (see Maria Tatar or Marina Warner for example), but I don't think I've hit upon a rationale I quite relate to yet. In some ways, I think it is simply the play of the horror of being consumed co-existing with the idea that eating is frequently pleasurable. It's the ol' eating fish at the Aquarium or venison at the deer park dilemma.

Still, when I saw these little Maxes for a bento box, I just had to share.

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