Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Princess and the Frog

It's been a long while since Disney has produced one of the more traditional, animated, musical features, so I've been watching for The Princess and The Frog.

There has been a fair amount of negativity around the new feature. Much is based on the little snippets that have been released so far and, in the end, it is quite difficult to make a judgment call on ethnic sensitivity - one way or the other - on such evidence. There was today a positive response, though, and I thought that worth noting. Here it is.

Also, just a little note, don't worry too much if it isn't 'like the Grimms' version'. The Grimms actually didn't even present a consistent version. In their first recorded version, the princess throws the frog against a wall and then he turns into a handsome prince. And, after all, the Grimms were much like the Disney of their day. The tales go back earlier.

In the end, I enjoy Disney animated features. I'll admit that.

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