Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Another list...

A count down of the best fantasy and sci-fi novels here. Not a bad list at all, although... is it just me or is it often overwhelming realising how many of the novels on a list you've not read? For those of us studying outside the core English curriculum, it becomes even more overwhelming. Not only do we need to know our Shakespeare, Austen, Byron etc, we need to know our Kay, Martin, Pratchett etc.

I am working on Pratchett. I'm reading Equal Rights at the moment. I find it intriguing and entertaining that his witch-centred novels draw most on fairy tale.

Oh well, as Alain de Botton indicated in a tweet (and this is a very rough paraphrase as I'm not going back to find the tweet), even those of us who haven't been reading a great deal will still be better read than Aristotle and Plato.

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