Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Dearest Wish Granted!

The subject line is a slight exaggeration - slight. Remember that I inflicted upon you a link to the Star Wars Christmas Special? One of my greatest desires has been to have Carrie Fisher's take on it. Well, here it is. Thank you, The New York Times! There's even video.

Speaking of all things amazing in the performance stakes, I just watched the DVD of the RSC's latest Hamlet. I had as much fun watching this filmed performance as I did when I was ten and first came across the play, bouncing over sofas and coffee tables enacting all the great scenes, including the various death scenes... multiple times. There's nothing like dueling and poisonings when you're ten! I would work up many a tear over "Goodnight, sweet prince." This is a little self-indulgent, but let me explain.

This was the kind of energy this performance has - the energy of a great discovery, that words are brilliant, that life is confounding, confusing and often terrifying (I wish I could think of a synonym beginning with 'c' to keep up the alliteration there), and that there is, indeed, more in heaven and earth than has been dreamt of in our philosophies.

And amazingly apt that this Hamlet, who will destroy the CCTV cameras in the palace, will also have a little camcorder on hand to film himself.

I was thinking of this as I watched a flashmob in Rome dancing to Glee. Sure, there is a certain commercial manipulation, but there is something joyous about the way the dancers participate, making the performance their own. At the end you see the Glee posters, but what you really remember is the little dog.

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