Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Words, Words, Words (Hamlet 2,2)

I just saw this excellent video of kinetic typography, using dialogue from the Firefly episode, "Out of Gas." I'm a big fan of Firefly. It's an intelligently written show and a brilliant premise. It's also spectacularly funny. This video emphasises the great dialogue and the energy type can bring to the written word.

It also made me think. It's a shame we don't study more television scripts in English Literature. We study Shakespeare and other playwrights, but we don't often - if at all - study television scripts. Yet, some of our best, most innovative storytellers are working in television today (and there is more than a little truth to the idea that Shakespeare would be working in television were he alive today). True, obtaining access to scripts is not easy. But wouldn't it be fantastic?

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