Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mysterious Breeches

Sometimes, Twitter is amazingly helpful. Just tonight I learned about the recent release of Sarah-Jane Downing's book, Fashion in the Time of Jane Austen.

My MLitt. thesis was on the Jane Austen phenomenon occurring in the 1990s. It was known among my friends as 'the men in mysterious trousers' thesis, after a quote I'd found in a review. The review tongue-in-cheek blamed the Austen phenomenon on 'the men in mysterious trousers' appearing in the film and television adaptations. Unfortunately, I've left the thesis at the office, so I don't have the citation handy and will have to add it later.

Oddly, there's not a great deal of male fashion in fairy tale. Descriptions tend to be quite general in contrast to the glass slippers, dresses like the sun, moon or stars, red hoods and mutton-leg sleeves of the heroines.

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Ally said...

ooh!!! glad to know about this book - for my reference class in library school I did my big (term paper replacement) pathfinder on Regency period culture - especially fashion and manners/customs... and the book is even cheap enough to justify purchasing despite not having any degrees in literature or history, or really needing anymore Jane Austen or Regency period books in my personal collection!