Friday, March 26, 2010

What to do during Earth Hour?

In The Guardian, I was just reading some suggestions about what to do during Earth Hour ,when I came across this one: "You could also be very retro and go in for a bout of storytelling, as some people recall doing during the 1970s power cuts."

What about telling fairy tales?

One of the great things I've noticed in fairy tale's history is the frequency with which tales are told not in isolation, but in competition. Tellers and audiences gathered together to compete to see which tale would be the best, how people would use a theme or character or motif, how long the audience could be kept enthralled. This isn't the passive, sitting in a circle listening to an old wife or nanny spin a tale in front of the fire, scenario. This is the fairy tale sports equivalent, a lively jumble of bravado and bombast.

That would surely pass an hour in the dark.

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