Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Future of Books Continues...

It's no secret I really want an iPad. And I want it so that I can read books on it. I'm curious to see how the technology will work and what it will mean for my reading experience. I love books. I love embossed and leather covers and pages that crinkle under my fingers. Yet I also love reading online and discover myself growing impatient when a book I want to explore isn't available for preview on Google books.

In light of technologies like those presented in the iPad, the future of publishing is being actively debated. I also just noticed it's being debated in the future. Today's the 21st and this New Yorker article is currently cited as the 26th.

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Michael said...

I too love books but both Theodore Gray's "The Elements" app and Marvel Comics app for the iPad make me, almost, willing to become an ebook convert. Something which the hideously ugly ePub format and even the PDF format have not been able to do.