Wednesday, May 5, 2010

This morning's post brough to you by the Bronte sisters

This is a fantastic fake ad for Bronte sisters action figures. I'd tell you about the coolest part, but that would be a spoiler.

I actually grew up thinking women 'owned' the novel. We once discussed in a women's writing class whether we'd noticed the gender of the writers we'd been reading up to that point. The outcome was intriguing. Most of the writers I thought of were women. The odd Dickens or Eddings, but even now, if I glance along the shelves, where there is a concentration of novels by the same author, it's far more often a female author (although there is a slight shift since I've been adding comics to the mix... where are the female comic book authors? I'll have to pursue that).

Students went home and had a look at their shelves and came back with all kinds of insights about their own reading and whether or not they'd noticed or even cared about the gender of the writers they'd been reading. It's worth reflection. We talk a lot about gender discrimination and its impact on literature, and our own reading is a useful place to start.

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John said...

Easily the best fake action figure video ever produced.