Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What do academics do on holiday?

Apparently, they go to Narnia.

Actually, I've just been in New Zealand, which, in effect, involves traveling through Narnia and Middle Earth. In fact, I've been riding horses through Middle Earth's many lands. One of my good friends even managed to get her hands on a Lord of the Rings horse, Sam, for one of the treks. He rode with the Rohirrim long ago. One of my horses, on the other hand, rode with the Barbarians in Hercules.

It's difficult to be in a place like New Zealand and not wonder what the Inklings would have made of it. It's a perfect setting for their tales. Likewise, physically experiencing such landscapes, whether on horseback, foot, or in a bus, provides one with fresh insight into these epic adventures. And a wish that one could make a case for field trips in literary studies. Imagine trekking all day and meeting around a camp fire to discuss the Tale of TinĂºviel?

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