Thursday, July 15, 2010

Slow Reading

I've just been at the BSANZ Conference, "To Deprave and Corrupt: Hidden and Censored Books," today and have been inspired by some great papers, but also horrified by the email that has piled up while I'm listening to such great papers...

Which brings me to an article I was just reading about, indeed, slow reading (Patrick Kingsley in The Guardian). There is much debate about the impact of the internet on our capacity to concentrate as we read. I do think there have always been people with shorter attention spans and those who skim and scan. The technology has simply caught up with them. I'm not entirely convinced students are reading less than previously, particularly taking into account that more and more students are juggling study with longer hours of work and other activities. Yet, I do find the notion of slow reading appealing and important. Sometimes we do rush too much and we don't stop to really absorb and think about the text we're reading. As with all things, balance is required.

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titanium said...

I gave up reading for fun in about year 11. I found I just couldn't do study and get homework done on time and still get totally involved in a book, slow reading and devouring books.

Sad, but true. I read more on the internet than I do off paper.