Sunday, August 29, 2010

Student Conferences

I'm a great fan of student conferences and we've had lots of involvement from students in the two small conferences I've helped to run (one on Harry Potter back in 2007 and one on vampires in 2008). So, this video, "How to get a lecture hall full of people to make Chewbacca sounds" ignited that enthusiasm once again. We are thinking of running a conference on female superheroes, but we still have some assessing to do of plans.

I went to see Joss Whedon's keynote at the Melbourne Writers Festival on Friday night and it was brilliant. There were Jayne hats in the audience, which always makes me glad, and a general buzz of enthusiasm and goodwill and Joss Whedon is a terrific speaker. I did like his advice to those who want a writing career: "Write." Best advice in the world. He also spoke to Buffy, Firefly, Dollhouse etc - of course - and mentioned in passing the possibility of writing a novel. I want Joss Whedon to write a novel. He was introduced as god, but did add that he didn't believe in himself.

Leading on from the Melbourne Writers Festival is AussieCon 4. It's a busy couple of weeks. Which may account for the especially illegible writing I've been committing lately on graded essays.

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