Thursday, September 9, 2010

Genre Fiction

I found this little gem via a retweet this morning:

"At the bookstore later in the day, my son stood in front of the Sci Fi section and said, in a very loud voice: 'Mom, this is my new gender.'" (Original blog post here.)

I love that this gem comes from a writing professor, whose blog is titled Was Jack Kerouac a Punjabi?

AussieCon 4 is over. I have a new skill. I can say Raxacoricofallapatorius with ease. I had been displaying this skill in class this past week. I practiced hard to acquire this skill for my Doctor Who paper: Doctor Who - Humanity's Fairy Godfather or Prince Charming? I gave my paper to a packed audience (it was a small room, but packed with Doctor Who fans) who all applauded my feat of skill and laughed in the right places. It's all you can really ask for.

I saw many fantastic panels. My only moment of horror was when someone linked the word 'wholesome' with 'YA lit'. Still, for the writers, there was a terrific panel on establishing an online persona with the point that agents and publishers do now google perspective authors, looking for a public presence. If you are looking at a writing career, it's something to consider. There were great panels on the future of electronic publishing, book covers, paranormal romance, YA literature etc. There was a very funny keynote by Kim Stanley Robinson, during which he interviewed himself. There were many steampunk costumes, confirming that steampunk is enjoying a particularly high profile now, and the Girl Genius stand, with authors signing, sold out in a mere couple of hours. Girl Genius is one of the fantastic examples of how creative teams are working outside the industry and making cult fandom work for them - financially too. The financial aspect had always been the tricky part.

We had a great cohort of Monash students giving papers in the academic stream, all to good effect. I haven't permission at the moment to give their names - okay, I haven't asked for permission yet - but kudos to them all.

Right, now I'm going to try to wrestle my other shoe from my dog and try to get over this cough, which has been frightening both the dog and my students for the past week.

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Kelda Nac Mac Feegle said...

and it was a great paper (any chance of a copy?) presented in great shoes.