Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fairy tales are more than texts

I've remarked before that you can usually spot a fairy tale scholar. They're much more likely to be wearing great shoes and to have a certain sartorial flare (this may also be true of Jane Austen scholars, but, then, she wrote one of our greatest versions of Beauty and the Beast, Pride & Prejudice). No, I'm not counting myself here... although I do own some great shoes.

I have recently discovered Pinterest, which is a source of wonderful procrastination and inspiration (it's terrifying how often the two are the one and the same thing). They have a special set for 'Fairy tales and secret stories'. I love the idea of 'secret stories' being linked to fairy tales. Fairy tales, as we know, are filled with little secrets. They're like those cabinets with secret drawers. They look like ordinary tales until you find just the right phrase or word to push, and then you discover the treasures.

Today, in 'Fairy tales and secret stories,' I saw an incredible image of dragon slaying by Boy_Wonder (Joel).

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