Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 - I'm already knocking on wood

I am very nervous about this as my first post for 2011, but it's so brilliant, I think I just have to.

"Nasty Case of Writer's Block Creates the Most Brilliant Scientific Paper Ever" (via i09)

Now I'm going to do everything possible to ensure I don't jinx myself for the rest of the year by starting with a post about writer's block.

So I am not, therefore, going to give you tips about how to get past writer's block. Besides, my method, which involves listening to the Rolling Stones, looking up design blogs and finally weeding the garden beds, is perhaps not the best method out there.

The best method is to simply write.

We all know that's harder than it sounds.

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Patrick Spedding said...

Yep, definitely the Most Brilliant Scientific Paper I have read. And it was so easy to understand! Amazing.