Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bookmark Corners

I love ideas that make organising research that much simpler. I picked up this terrific idea for using old envelopes to make bookmarks from d.Sharp Journal. It's a great example of re-use of materials, it doesn't cost a thing, it avoids the messy effect of 1001 post-it notes being stuck to pages, and you can write little messages to yourself on it.

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Patrick Spedding said...

Ah, but what if you need to write more comments than your meagre supply of envelopes caters for? I hardly get any letters any more, just lots of email and packages in the post … also, I think if my supply of envelopes was large enough, I could probably slip one on almost every page! And what if you cat knocks your book over and then shreds all the little paper playthings you have annotated for them?