Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Great Diana Wynne Jones

Diana Wynne Jones has died. She leaves a legacy of great books, including Howl's Moving Castle, one of my favourites.

The Guardian has a very good obituary and it made me grin:

"She was amused by the considerable academic attention her work attracted; reading in one paper that her work was 'rooted in fluidity', she remarked: 'Obviously hydroponic, probably a lettuce, possibly a cabbage.'"

I love how authors often view academic criticism of their work. It's a good reminder to academics not to take themselves quite so seriously.

I was also delighted to learn something new as I read Neil Gaiman's blog post: "she told me once that the young Chrestomanci in The Lives of Christopher Chant was sort of based on me too." I did not know that. I'm tempted to break that book out again now.

The strength of a great author is in how their legacy continues to make you smile.

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Husky said...

Rebecca I too was sad to hear this. The article from the Guardian definitely put a smile on my face. This author will be missed for all the possibles that could have escaped from her imagination. Lisa V.