Tuesday, May 17, 2011

ABC's Once Upon a Time

Now, this is what we're hoping for! There's some clips on i09 from the upcoming Once Upon A Time series and it's looking extremely promising. After all, what could be bad about a show featuring Robert Carlyle as Rumplestiltskin? When I first heard that casting coup, I, like others, wondered if it might be a wild rumour, but had high hopes. So I'm rather delighted.

I'm also delighted by Snow White whipping out a sword, even if Prince Charming makes her put it away. I hope she stops listening to him at some point. There should be more sword wielding fairy tale heroines.

UPDATE: You can also see a preview of Grimms here.


titanium said...

speaking of ABC, are you excited to see the Neil Gaiman-written episode of Doctor Who this weekend? :)

Doc-in-Boots said...

Yes, I am excited about the Neil Gaiman episode and frustrated that I have to avoid what he's said about it in the past week!