Thursday, May 19, 2011

Writing Exercsies

A little while ago, a good friend reminded me of a story I'd written as part of a 'one page story' challenge. He'd lost his copy and asked if I still had it on my computer. I'd completely forgotten about it, but once I located it, I was actually kind of surprised by how much I still liked it. I admit, as a writer, I tend to hate everything I've written the moment I've finished it. It's a good and a bad thing. It leads to a great deal of angst, but it also encourages me to write better. However, this time, I actually paused and enjoyed something I'd previously written.

It was also a marvelous exercise. I recall that just before we tried the one page story, we played with six word stories. You can see a website for such stories here. I came up with something along the lines: "Met Death. Dying to tell tale." Terrible pun. I didn't submit it.

These are useful exercises, though, if you're suffering a little creative writer's block. They focus the mind. They provide a quick fix of accomplishment. They're particularly entertaining to share, since you aren't asking your friendly readers for hours of their time.

Spurred on, I've created a couple of pages for the blog. One is for scholarly writing. I'll be adding quotes from some of my work there. There's already a few selected quotes from various papers I've given about the place. One page is for fiction. That's where I've pasted in my one page short story.

Incidentally, I'll be presenting at Continuum 7 next month. I'm presenting a paper on ageing in fairy tale and fantasy with a terrific colleague of mine, Deb Waterhouse-Watson.

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titanium said...

I love that one page story! I like how the concept doesn't jump out at the beginning but gently oozes in at the background and leaves you feeling warm and satisfied at the realization of what it is. Thanks!