Sunday, July 3, 2011


“If you want custom fit shoes, you’ll need to wait till the elves are up.”

I've just 'done and dusted' a fairy tale that has been sent off to editors. We'll see. I've resolved this year to be more open about the fact that I do write. Although I don't aim to be a creative writing academic and I do believe that critical writing is creative too, I enjoy writing fiction and suspect a good majority of English Lit. academics have manuscripts tucked away or published. I've been writing 'seriously' since I was eleven and realised people could do something like write books. Of course, I'd read books before then - many books. I just hadn't thought of books as being authored by people who did that kind of thing for a living. The realisation was somewhat life changing and I then took writing seriously. It became important. It became something I did. And while I haven't always been anxious to publish, I don't know where I'd be if I wasn't walking around without at least a story or two buzzing in my head.

That could be why I look a little distracted at times.

For the first time today I also hopped over to look at Pottermore. I watched the video. The video is amazing - it uses animated book papercuts, which are among my favourite things in the world. The concept itself is intriguing and embraces the ideals of transmedia storytelling, although under the control of Rowling as author. Some are less than enthused and see it as another example of the forces of commercialisation wielded by Harry Potter. It does permit the author control over the interaction of readers with the text. Yet, it could indeed be where fiction will go. Other authors, like Jasper Fforde and PJ Haarsma, also have sites that encourage interaction and provide digital material for readers.

I also take my hat off to Rowling that, however it happened, she maintained the digital rights to her work. Those rights are valuable today.

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