Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Knitting and Literature

This wouldn't be the first time I've blogged about knitting with a literary theme. It probably won't be the last. And I am still thinking about that article I'd like to write on the topic.

However, today a book arrived on my porch and I thought I'd quickly share it.

Being a great Austen fan, I couldn't go by this, even though my crochet skills are rather... wonky. The cover blouse is called - brilliantly, I add - "Eat Your Heart Out Willoughby." I'm not quite so sure about the "Dreaming of Mr Knightley Pajama Set." The styles aren't always entirely practical, but there's also some good cushions and rugs for the less adventurous, all with a theme drawn from Austen and Regency fashions.

A student once presented me with the volume below as a thank you after she finished one of her degrees. It was a wonderful surprise.

There are a range of books out for more contemporary literature too. I learned how to knit mittens from Charmed Knits. It's a great source for basic patterns, actually.


Mana said...

Hi Rebecca, I just wanted to share this link with you:

The cast of 'The Princess Bride' recently reunited for an interview! Mandy Patinkin wasn't there though as he was probably "off telling people to prepare to die" (as suggested by 'Go Fug Yourself', the website I found the link on hahahaha)

- Amanda

Doc-in-Boots said...

Thanks! Just caught up with it. Bliss.