Friday, November 11, 2011

Fairy tales all over our screens, big and small

I just saw the trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman today. It's a touch The Lord of the Rings, in fact. It's epic. There are battles. Snow White is in armour. I'm totally overlooking that she's also played Bella... well, almost. However, the wicked Queen does recite the essential 'mirror, mirror on the wall' rhyme, which is a good thing.

Meanwhile, i09 has been recapping Once Upon A Time to great effect. I love that the show is pitting Snow White against a bunch of bridge trolls (brilliantly headlined "Once Upon a Time trolls Snow White" by i09). It does indeed look cheesy. I like cheesy. Fairy tales should be cheesy and fun. Fairy tales should never take themselves too seriously. That might be just me. Yet, I don't think so.

I was actually just working with L'Héritier's "The Discreet Princess, or The Adventures of Finette." Now, this is a fairy tale that needs to be filmed! The villainous Rich-Craft tries to seduce our clever heroine...

"However, he found Finette armed with a large hammer, which had been accidentally left in a wardrobe in her room. Her face was red with emotion, and her eyes sparkled with rage, making her appear even more enchanting and beautiful to Rich-Craft. He would have cast himself at her feet, but as she retreated, she said boldly, 'Prince, if you approach me, I'll split your skull with this hammer.'"

The villain persists, but "Rich-Craft was not very courageous, and as he watched the large hammer, which she played with like a fan, he consented and retired to give her some time to pray."(Quotes taken from Jack Zipes' Beauty and the Beast and Other Classic French Fairy Tales)

Seriously, who would love to see Finette on the big screen?

It's a shame L'Héritier's other tales aren't readily available, particularly in English. She is the niece of Perrault and her tales are more complex, riveting and energetic. While many have speculated that she followed the example of her uncle, I suspect it really was the other way around. She has more in common with D'Aulnoy and Bernard, for instance, than Perrault.

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John said...

US also has Grimm this year. Of the two, Once Upon A Time is watchable. My sense is Grimm will not last to Season 2.