Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Series of Hats Dedicated to Fairy Tale Heroines

Melbourne has turned cold and rainy. It is, in short, perfect weather for knitted hats.

I've been thinking a great deal over the past weeks about the earlier fairy tale heroines, as you can tell by previous posts. Over Easter, I knit myself a new red hat and as I was looking at it, I dubbed it 'Finette.' It occurred to me that I could knit a series of hats named for my favourite, early fairy tale heroines.

So, here is Finette, knitted in Malabrigo. The pattern, incidentally, comes from the fabulous designer at Tiny Owl Knits, who is herself inspired by fairy tales. This pattern is called Orchids & Fairylights. I admit, I do have my eye on Free Rapunzel.

But I already have the next hat on the needles and should hopefully be posting it soon.

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