Thursday, November 15, 2012

Leia as the new Disney princess?

Since the announcement that Disney bought Lucasfilm and with it, the Star Wars franchise, there has been much speculation, many rumours and countless bad puns.

Of course, my main interest has been in the fate of Princess Leia. The moment Star Wars fell under the Disney banner, Leia became, in effect, a 'Disney Princess'. This has provided great material for fan artists and makers. Here's just a sample of my favourites.

An all-singing, all-dancing version of "Bonjour" with Princess Leia.

A pocket princess cartoon of princesses comparing weaponry.

A SMH article about Carrie Fisher's thoughts on Leia as a Disney princess.

Actually, since Star Wars is a fairy tale (in space), Leia isn't really a fish out of water, particularly when you look at Disney heroines like Mulan, Merida and Rapunzel. She already has great hair and she can talk to Ewoks and Wookies.

Aside from all the angst about this news, I think it's a positive sign for Leia. What has happened? Leia has, in many respects, become the focal point of speculation about Disney's Star Wars. Since Disney is known for fairy tale and fairy tale, for better or for worse, focuses on princesses, Leia is the obvious point of convergence of the two franchises. People are already calling for, to quote Charlie Jane Anders, more "women with blasters." Maybe I'm a cock-eyed optimist, but perhaps Disney can provide that.

And really, can it be worse than one of my all time favourite Christmas numbers?

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