Friday, January 11, 2013

Brilliant Cook Books

Over the Christmas holidays, I became a little obsessed with jelly. It was, in part, because I came upon a stash of Victorian copper moulds (one with a squirrel on top that is my absolute favourite); in part because we found a book about jelly recipes, some of which involve wonderful things like Irish Baileys and champagne.

As a result, I was scouring shops for vintage jelly booklets. I threatened friends with a special jelly supper.

I don't think I'd caused as much controversy since the antlers on my scottish terrier incident. But aren't those just amazing images?

One friend, however, understood, and shared her love for Be Bold With Bananas. I had to look this up.

Yes, this was such a popular book, there was a revised edition!

My thoughts? Be bold, be bold, but not too bold with bananas! (Yes, that is a dreadful pun on the fairy tale of Lady Mary and Mr Fox and the whole reason I wrote this post.)

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Heidi Anne Heiner said...

Ah, I thought of Lady Mary and Mr Fox the moment I read the book title. Wish I liked bananas...