Thursday, March 7, 2013

There's air-conditioning at the "In Fairy Land" exhibition

It's been hot in Melbourne. We've started off the semester, but I have to admit that my first suggestion at a supervision meeting was that we trek to the campus centre for 'coffee freezes'. Part one of successful supervision? Ensure everyone is capable of being cool and collected.

This week, I was so pleased to open the "In Fairy Land" exhibition at the Rare Books Collection. Stephen Herrin has put together an amazing selection of fairy tale books culled from the collection. This is one of my favourites from an edition of d'Aulnoy. Who doesn't love a carriage been drawn through the air by flying dogs? I'm looking forward to spending some more time with the new acquisitions, too, like the Richard Doyle book and a glorious edition of The Pleasant Nights. You can take a virtual tour if you're not in Melbourne, here. There's also a pdf available of the catalogue. I think my speech will also be up soon. However, if you get a chance, do stop by to have a look. It's considerably cooler there, too!

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