Sunday, June 9, 2013

Writing Stories

We may not all be the next J.K. Rowling, but it's always fun to publish a story. I wrote a little tale about a rescue dog and an elf in his fifties who likes good coffee. The issue is now available.


InkGypsy said...

Hi Doc!
Just reaching out to connect. Found you while researching a the Fairy Tale Salon events at Monash Uni for a blog entry for Once Upon A Blog.. fairy tale news. I couldn't find a way to subscribe to your posts so I could get your news (is it possible to add email subscriptions? Are you on Facebook perhaps?). Wanted to let you know that I'd be happy to promote anything you're doing with fairy tales and that I will be adding your blog to the blogroll on my site.
Gypsy Thornton
Once Upon A Blog.. daily fairy tale news

PS Congrats on getting your story published and in such a lovely volume too - I love Rima Staines work!

Doc-in-Boots said...

Thanks! I had a bit of a break from the blog, but I'll see about setting up an improved subscription method. I will be linking soon to our fairy tale reading group's blog and that will also have news. I'm just waiting for it to be finalised.