Thursday, August 1, 2013

Wingardium Leviosa

Over the last month, I've felt as though there's been a little Harry Potter magic again in the air.

Initially, I thought it might simply be that after writing some articles involving HP, teaching The Prisoner of Azkhaban, and supervising on HP related topics, I'd become less personally invested. It's something all academics worry about. If you research and teach a book, will you stop loving it? Actually, the truth is, you do. For a while. Then you adjust. So I think I adjusted and I'm starting to love HP again as I did before.

Although, I do think there is something in the air.

I actually was online when news broke about the true identity of Robert Galbraith, so I almost immediately ordered a copy of The Cuckoo's Calling. As a result, I snapped up a copy before they all briefly disappeared (until reprinted) or received a sticker announcing Rowling's authorship. I was quite happy about that. I'm still only a third of the way through, but I do have a pesky amount of research to do, so I can't be as indulgent in my reading as I'd like.

As a knitter, I was also thrilled to discover the release of The Unofficial Harry Potter Knits. There's a lot of knitting in HP and there's a wealth of patterns already out and about, but I love the designs in this magazine, especially the O.W.L. mittens. I'm trying to decide on colours. I'm half inclined to go yellow and black, because I relate to Hufflepuff (I suppose as an academic I should relate to Ravenclaw, but I like Hufflepuffs).

A colleague and friend recently stopped by for a mini-quilting bee. It's actually rather amazing how many English Lit. academics quilt. Since discovering Luna Lovegood fabric, I'm musing on creating a HP quilt. My favourite characters are Luna, Sirius and Neville, so really I just need them to create Sirius and Neville fabric next. Although this Marauder's Map fabric might do for Sirius!

I sense that HP is becoming a big part of my life again.

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