Friday, September 6, 2013

Want to play a game?

Above is a sneak peek of one of my recent discoveries. Can you guess what it is? I can't share it yet, but hopefully will soon!

I've been collecting illustrations of French tales as part of my research for the book I'm writing. I've already shared some details about illustrations found in advertising here on the blog. Recently, and here's a clue regarding the above peek, I've been discovering 19th century board games based on the tales. In fact, I located a rather incredible game that features a host of tales. It's called Toovergodinnenspel. Do click the link - it looks... fantastic! I have no idea what the title means as it's in Dutch and the only Dutch I know is "welterusten." (It means "good night" and I only know this because when my Dutch friend wished me good night, I thought she said "belt the rooster.") The description of the game includes a list of all the tales included on the board. The tales are French and written in French. This is my particular favourite feature of the board.

Incidentally, the Marina Warner keynote at the Melbourne Writers' Festival earlier this week was wonderful. Belinda did a great little post on it, but I'll just add that it lived up to all expectations. I was lucky enough to see her give another keynote on the Arabian Nights at a conference a few years ago and I've since read her book, Stranger Magic, so it was kind of a delight to just sit back and relate to everything she was talking about. She told one of her favourite tales, the tale of Doctor Douban, which happens to be one of mine, too. She also showed illustrations of flying beds and I've become rather interested in representations of flight in fairy tales (seriously, check out Murat's "Le Sauvage," which features a chariot made from the skull of a giant the fairy had killed. The skull was painted glossy black and drawn through the air behind a couple of mastiffs with bat wings). But I might save that for a future post!

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