Scholarly Writing

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In the meantime, some quotes from recent papers.

"Like much fan fiction, Wizard Rock is particularly active in those spaces that Rowling’s narratives elide over or that exist outside the novels." 
From: “Wrocking the Collaboration: Wizard Rock and the Work of J.K. Rowling,” Collaborations: Creative Partnerships in Music, 2009, Melbourne (Monash University).

"Such wardrobe items as glass slippers, red hoods and fur pelt coats have been consistently descriptive of the space containing or contained by the female body and of female work."
From: “Princess Dressing: Fashion and Contemporary Fairy Tale,” The Fairy Tale After Angela Carter, 2009, Norwich (University of East Anglia).  

"In fact, the whole concept of Doctor Who taking place anywhere in time and space goes to the very heart of the fairy tale universe."
From: Doctor Who: Humanity’s Fairy Godfather or the Companion’s Prince Charming?,” academic stream, 68th World Science Fiction Convention, 2010, Melbourne.  

"The point is not that the vampires author the book in our hands. The presence of these authors allows  actual authors to play with the author-reader relationship as romance, something quite distinct from the actual author-reader relationship.  
From: “Undead Romance Authors,” Vamps, Vampires and Va-va-voom, 2008, Melbourne (Monash University). 

"What Fforde really does is describe the textual world before the book by using the technology of textuality after the book."
From: “Lost in the Paratext,” The Limits of the Book, 2009, Brisbane (BSANZ & University of Queensland).